The Walking Dead season 10 premieres are out? Check details here

The Walking Dead
A scene from The Walking Dead premieres The Walking Dead/ Instagram

The much-awaited season 10 of "The Walking Dead" was out on Sunday night, October 6th, on AMC. Based on a comic book series by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, it is a post-apocalyptic horror American series.

The show airs on AMC networks and currently, the series is in its 10th season. The first episode began with some interesting plot twists where the audience can witness a USSR satellite in the outer space that was falling towards earth. Not just that, but this satellite was dropping directly towards the heroes of the show.

After what seemed like an interesting beginning, things got even better when the chemistry between Daryl and Connie seemed to unfold. The two characters Daryl and Connie, played by Norman Reedus and Lauren Ridloff respectively, shared some adorable moments in the season premieres. One delightful moment that the characters shared was when Daryl was communicating with Connie, using some basic and rudimentary sign language that he has learned over time.

Twitter seems to have been taken by the storm after 'The Walking Dead' fans witnessed the characters sharing a strong connection or should we say, 'cute moments'. In conversation with the Entertainment Weekly, Angela Kang the showrunner spoke about how, in the show, there is a blossoming friendship between the characters. She further went on to add that the audience will witness, how Daryl has been teaching sign language to himself and he is also doing the best he can to welcome a person who needs to mainly use ASL to communicate.

The viewers have been waiting for Daryl's romantic relationship to unfurl and now, the audiences have already started witnessing some cute moments between the two characters. We can only wait and hope to see some development in their relationship since there may be some room for a possible romantic relationship. Previously, Daryl had some meaningful and interesting moments with Carol, played by actress Melissa McBride, but their relationship never seemed to blossom into a romantic one. There have been instances where both Daryl and Carol experience some sort of tension and strain in their relationship.