The Walking Dead season 10 episode 14 spoilers, live stream details: Negan and Carol to be at odds

An emotional goodbye between Jerry and Ezekiel will be featured in The Walking Dead season 10 episode 14 'Look at the Flowers'.

When The Walking Dead season 10 returns with a new episode on AMC this Sunday, March 29, at 10pm EST, viewers can look forward to conflicts, revenge and death. Yes, you heard it right. Episode 14 of the horror thriller series is going to take viewers on another wild journey. The chapter is titled 'Look at the Flowers'.

AMC has released the official synopsis and promos for the upcoming episode. From the details released by the broadcasting networks, the series' followers have already got an idea about what to expect in the new chapter. While the promo features Negan and Carol at odds, the short description hints at troubled moments for King Ezekiel and Stephanie. Get the details below:

What does the promo tease about episode 14?

The 20-second-long promo begins with a conversation between the characters of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Melissa McBride. The video shows Morgan's character offering McBride's character Alpha's head and telling her that he has done his part. So, it's time for her to keep her promise. But she calmly replies, "I am not going back."

The details of the deal between the two are revealed through a flashback scene. In the scene, Carol can be seen making a deal with Negan as she tells him that if he succeeds in bringing Alpha's head, the people will always remember him for his courageous act. However, it remains to be seen if Carol will keep her word.

Check out the official synopsis for 'Look at the Flowers' below:

Heroes and villains reckon with the aftermath of the Hilltop fire; Eugene takes a group on a journey to meet Stephanie, with the hopes of befriending another civilization.

The Walking Dead
A promotional still from the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead season 10. Twitter/The Walking Dead

The upcoming episode of this post-apocalyptic horror drama series will also feature a rivalry between Alexandrians and Beta as the latter gets ready with a revenge plan for Alpha's killer. The chapter will even feature an emotional scene wherein King Ezekial and Jerry will decide to take separate ways.

How to watch The Walking Dead season 10 episode 14 online

The episode, titled Look at the Flowers, is scheduled to air on AMC this Sunday, March 29, at 10pm EST. Followers of the horror thriller series in the US can watch the upcoming episode on AMC or on the official website of the broadcasting channel. Other options to watch the show are through various streaming sites, like YouTube TV and Sling TV.

This article was first published on March 24, 2020