W finale: Writer spills the beans on Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo starrer-show ending

W to air its last episode on September 14.

MBC's romantic-fantasy drama, W, bid adieu with all the happy and positive vibes around. However, the writer of the drama recently revealed that she would have preferred to end the drama on a completely different note.

In a recent interaction, drama's writer, Song Jae Jung, opened about the viewer's reaction and her personal preference on the climax shoot with Soompi. She said: "I don't care about endings. It doesn't matter whether it's happy or sad. Writing the ending [for 'W'] without too much thought, I ended up hearing a lot of criticism from viewers. I only end up focusing on the ending when I remember that it's important and that it's something that people will remember."

Jae Jung revealed that she wrote the ending as per viewer's preference, and how the audience wanted it to be: "I didn't write 'W' because I thought it would be happy. It merely ended with the implication of future happiness. [From a viewer perspective], it could be unsatisfying, but it really couldn't be more happy than it was ,"she said. When asked about her personal pick, the writer relayed: "I think it would have been fine if Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) died and it was a sad ending."

Meanwhile, the lead of the drama, actor Lee Jong Suk, is also in sync with Jae Jung. The Pinocchio actor too shared his way of ending the drama on a similar note previously. He said: "So many things have happened, I'm not sure how a happy ending will fit in smoothly. This will also depend on the screenwriter. Personally, I prefer sad endings. I think it'll be good to have a smooth, sad ending. A smooth context and an appropriate farewell will be a heartache, but understandable. It will also make the drama linger in your mind longer."

However, he added: "To be honest, wrapping it up as how Yeon Joo imagined with love, marriage, and family will be the best ending."