VSRK Wealth Creator by Swapnil Aggarwal is on the edge of revolutionising the financial planning sector in India

Swapnil Aggarwal

Humans are affected by various financial complications among which deteriorating health is one such roadblock. It affects the wealth of any individual and family. To protect health, medical assistance is generally available for all classes of human beings around the world, yet a person is least bothered to protect his or her wealth and does not give much importance to acquire financial assistance. Past experiences across the world have generated awareness about the necessity of financial planning to sustain and fight against sudden shocks and jolts of life.

Many graduates, postgraduates, chartered and cost accountants, insurance providers and other banking and finance professionals have initiated their career in providing financial guidance to the public. Through this, they have turned into financial distributors offering safe and sound financial services. By defining proper goals to be achieved in future, VSRK Wealth Creator, a Delhi-based financial firm advises and suggests suitable ways in improving the business and wealth of its clients.

Led by Mr Swapnil Aggarwal, the company evaluates the best insurance policies, manages tax issues and does contingency planning. Keeping in mind the profitable portfolio of the clients, VSRK Wealth Creator provides authentic financial services to entities and companies across India. Established in November 2013, VSRK Wealth Creator offers a variety of services including Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Corporate Deposits, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), Structure Products and Pre-IPO/Unlisted Stocks.

Continuing the legacy of Shri R.K Aggarwal, Swapnil took over the company's responsibility in 2019 after the demise of his father. The former had earlier been the president of the financial company. Currently focusing on the operational activities of VSRK Wealth Creator, Swapnil has made sure that the financial requirements of the clients are met from time to time. "When it comes to a financial emergency, it does not call for its arrival. Being the pioneers in the market, we have made sure to stand by people who want to build a strong financial portfolio", said Swapnil.

With a team of highly-qualified graduates and certified experts, VSRK Wealth Creator has made its place as a leading fund manager in the Delhi/NCR region. Gradually making its presence felt across India, the company is projected to add many global clients in the coming years. For its outstanding work, the financial firm was awarded many accolades and recognitions, and it continues to remain the leading name among other companies.