Vrajeshwari Bhardwaj Is Empowering Others To Go After Their Dreams

Vrajeshwari Bhardwaj

All successful people started with a dream. Regardless of how challenging, they chose a path to pursue it because it was what set their souls on fire. Regrettably, some people decide not to go after their dreams because of their current circumstances or limiting beliefs. However, there's no such thing as success without hard work, so if you're going to exert the effort, it might as well be to reach your goals.

Vrajeshwari Sharma Bhardwaj, a successful entrepreneur, investor, and trader, teaches by using her story. According to her, you can't expect to achieve your goals overnight. You may have to forge your own path, work hard for it, and attack numerous obstacles. Through her journey, she hopes to empower people to go after their dreams regardless of the challenges that they will face.

Vrajeshwari was able to make a name for herself independently. She has always had an interest in financial markets and emerging technologies. However, she belongs to a family of blue-collar workers, and none of them were in a position to teach and guide her throughout her ambitious career. Therefore, what she did was teach herself to become who she wanted to be.

You shouldn't limit yourself to what is or isn't accessible for you. If Vrajeshwari let her lack of familial guidance stop her from going after her dreams, she wouldn't be where she is now. Instead, she forged her own path to reach her goals by becoming a self-taught professional, and it made her appreciate the value of education and self-development even more.

Vrajeshwari says there was no shortcut to her success as she went through years of trial and error herself. There may be get-rich-quick methods, but these aren't reliable in the long term. If you want to become successful and secure your future, you have to change your mindset; you can't make your dreams come true overnight and with minimal effort.

In fact, this value became the foundation of SharmaFX, a global financial literacy mentorship agency founded by Vrajeshwari in 2020. Unlike other successful personalities, what she teaches isn't how to be successful in her field but the importance of learning in reaching dreams. Besides the mentorship programs, SharmaFX also shares educational content on Instagram, YouTube, and Tradingview.

Vrajeshwari aims to provide valuable, affordable, and digestible education to her students. She also hopes to continue growing, both as a person and a professional, and to start new ventures that will impact the world. This year, she founded Sharma Investors, a real estate investment firm removing the delay and hassle in buying and selling homes.

Sharma Investors is steadily making its way to the top of the industry, starting with boosting its influence on social media, particularly Instagram. However, Vrajeshwari believes that there's still more for her in the future. Currently, she's pursuing an MS in Analytics with an emphasis on International Economics and Markets. She hopes to apply the knowledge she acquired to her other endeavors in the future.