VoxoDeus 3D NFT Project Championing A New Era In The NFT Industry

VoxoDeus 3D

For the past few years, NFTs have been making waves in the crypto space, with the likes of CrytoPunk #7822 selling for $23 million. Collectibles like Beeple's HUMANE ONE, Everybody's the first 5000 days, and Pak's "The Merge" sold for $29 million, $69.3 million, and $91.8 million, respectively. We have witnessed the influx of many NFT projects into the space, with most of them performing below par. A lot of 2D NFTs have flooded the market, and very few projects are offering NFTs that are both 3D and collectible.

VoxoDeus are the first large-scale interactive 3D NFT collectibles launched in the NFT space. They are specially designed for the non-fungible token community. There are 6,312 limited edition VoxoDeus, known as Voxos.

Overview of the VoxoDeus Project

VoxoDeus is a unique NFT project with 3D interactivity and swappable background. The entire 6,312 Voxos assets are created in different species, traits, rarity levels, and factions. According to the team, they love the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and aim to revolutionize it using Voxos.

Few crypto-artists address the demand for 3D NFTs, and VexoDeus is undoubtedly at the forefront of this move. Voxos are designed with a custom 3D interactive viewer that allows you to view the asset from any angle. To ensure a 3D interactive viewer, the creators integrated custom shading, cinematic effects, and a lot of post-processing to give it an amazing appearance. Voxos creators have also partnered with talented music composers responsible for producing and embedding ambient background tracks to get you immersed away in the experience.

You can now view your Voxos irrespective of the angle, zoom in & out whenever you like, and even enable 3D diorama backgrounds. In the future, the team plans to integrate more customizability like tweaking lighting, changing backgrounds, and even adding new audio. VoxoDeus also offers holder incentives like hero cards and Voxo comics.

VoxoDeus Partnership With The Sandbox

VoxoDeus is the first NFT project to enter into partnership with The Sandbox. The aim is to integrate the unique 6,312 characters into their metaverse. There is a massive 12X12 piece of 'Land' that will enable all owners of Voxos to bring their characters into The Sandbox. After VoxoDeus partnership with The Sandbox, only two more NFT projects have executed such collaboration, including Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks.

Omega Key Game

This is a strategic Voxo-trading game set to launch on February 22, 2022, with 250 ETH available to be won by players. Players compete to collect 'Omega Keys' with which they can use to claim the 250 ETH rewards. The game is divided into four tiers, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The diamond tier has the highest worth of rewards of 135 ETH, while the Bronze tier has the least with 16 ETH. To be eligible to claim the reward, you have to be the first to register the required number of keys and claim the victory. You will need a collection of 8 keys to unlock the rewards for the Diamond tier and only 3 keys to unlock that of the Bronze tier.

Narrative-driven NFTs

World-building and a slow-reveal storyline seem to be at the heart of the VoxoDeus project, with their initial NFT collection positioned as the first chapter in a multi-collection journey through their 'Cypherverse'. An upcoming partnership with Myth Division, the comic book studio that created the BAYC comic, will pick up the narrative threads left by the 250 ETH game and push the VoxoDeus 'living lore' forward.

The foundation of this 'living lore' experience is the VoxoDeus Loredex. Part-wiki, part encyclopedia, it also provides a place for members of the community to read about the VoxoDeus Cypherverse and even create their own 'myths' and help to shape it.


VoxoDeus NFT project has captured the attention of many in the NFT space. With the Voxo comics, hero cards, and 250 ETH worth of rewards available in the upcoming Omega Key Game, the project is set to 'explode.' As many collectors rush to be a part of the movement, Voxos value will undoubtedly be on the rise. Kindly visit the website for more information.