Vladimir Putin Is Suffering From Cancer and Has Plans of Announcing His Exit in the New Year, Source Claims

Political analyst Valery Solovei claimed to have sources in the Kremlin who are at the epicenter of decision making

Russian President Vladimir Putin has got cancer and also symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and had emergency surgery in February, as per reports. Political analyst Valery Solovei, whose previous claims about Putin were denied, also mentioned that the president has plans of announcing his exit early in the New Year.

Solovei has doubled down the rumors of Parkinson's he raised previously this month by revealing that he was told that the president has been treated for cancer. He stated to have sources in the Kremlin who are at the epicenter of decision making.

Putin and His Health


The analyst said, "One is of psycho-neurological nature, the other is a cancer problem. If anyone is interested in the exact diagnosis, I'm not a doctor, and I have no ethical right to reveal these problems. The second diagnosis is a lot, lot more dangerous than the first-named diagnosis as Parkinson's does not threaten the physical state, but just limits public appearances," as reported by the Sun.

"But there is a fatal diagnosis. Based on this information people will be able to make a conclusion about his life horizon, which wouldn't even require specialist medical education," he added. Solovei stated that Putin underwent surgery in February while another source claimed that it was an abdominal cancer operation.

Solovei said that his sources have suggested that Putin is grooming his daughter Katerina Tikhonova as his successor. Former president Dmitry Medvedev and agriculture minister Dmitry Patrushev are also said to be the frontrunners. The cancer claim comes after Putin was seen witnessing a coughing fit during a television meeting.

Solovei made a prediction that the president will soon appoint a new prime minister who will become his eventual successor. The staff of the president has continuously played down the rumors about his health and that Putin is preparing for a political entity.