Is Vladimir Putin Infected With Coronavirus? Russian President Hit By Coughing Fit As He Struggles to Speak

Russia was made to confirm that President Vladimir Putin did not have any health problems after the incident

Russia was made to deny that President Vladimir Putin has health problems as he continuously coughed during a televised conference on coronavirus or COVID-19, as per reports. His coughing fit was then edited to not seem too acute in a version that was posted by his office.

The president was warning of 'acute financial problems' in regions due to the coronavirus when he suddenly struggled to continue speaking. He was addressing the finance minister Antion Siluanov and other senior officials when the coughing fit began.

Putin Not Well?

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Russia President Vladimir Putin Reuters

Putin said 'excuse me' and continuously raised the right hand to his mouth as he was having a difficult time to continue speaking. The version of the president's remarks later shared on the Kremlin website edited the words of the coughing.

The scare came on Wednesday as Russia confirmed a daily coronavirus death toll of 456. The state news agency TASS questioned Kremlin about the health of Putina and was informed that he was absolutely normal. "The president apologised and continued the meeting almost without pausing", it confirmed. Radio Mayak, which had broadcasted the actual stream reported, "Putin's vocal cords gave in as he was setting his government to fight Covid-19." Not like many other world leaders, Putin is believed to have not got infected with the coronavirus.

Despite the European nation having two vaccines available, one tested by Putin's daughter, he had reportedly not got it injected. In recent months he has stayed isolated after he came in contact with a few doctors who got infected with the virus. Putin told the meeting the situation with the novel virus remains critical in many places and he asked the finance minister to give help.

"The number of new cases is rising...and what's most alarming – the death rate is increasing," he had earlier said. There are fears that the European country is downplaying the actual tool as many believe that the actual figures and death numbers are significantly high.

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