Vlad Gasan: Helping Beginner Product Managers Gain Leverage in the Product Management Industry

Vlad Gasan

In recent years, the demand for product managers has increased significantly, being ranked as number 3 in the top 50 best jobs in America in 2021, by Glassdoor. Following this industry boom and recognition, Vlad Gasan has lost his count of the endless number of requests for help in securing a product management role. He is the founder of the Project Management Mastermind community with a global membership of 4,000+ active participants. Having worked for iconic and highly reputable technology company, eBay, Vlad specializes in electronic commerce, marketplaces, and online communities. Now he is the principal product manager at Offer Up, where he focuses on experimentation and business intelligence products.

Vlad shares "Helping people, doing fulfilling work, and feeling happy is what matters most to me." He has helped more than 50 people make life changing transitions in his coaching program with many landing highly sought after jobs under his mentorship.

Overcoming obstacles

Vlad ever imagined that migrating to the United States from Ukraine would be such a challenge. His visa took a long time to be approved, so long he almost gave up. He also competed head first against other brilliant minds from Stanford and Google to secure a product manager job in Silicon Valley. Despite the uneven playing field, he managed to stand out from his competitors and landed himself a permanent position. His patience and consistency in his journey finally paid off, as well as his persistence and perseverance in reaching his goals. Vlad had many reasons to quit but was brave enough in his pursuit that he was able to turn his challenges into stepping stones to success.

Landing roles at reputable companies such as Amazon and Microsoft

Vlad is globally known for his outstanding product management skills. He is a software product management expert and his unique talent lies in blending software engineering with product management. His extensive understanding of building products from scratch has separated him from the average product managers. 8 years of experience as a software product manager has now led to many venture capitalist investors, designers and technology thought leaders reaching out to him to gain access to his services.

A million users now have largely benefited from the products Vlad has shipped overseas. Vlad has testimonials of clients under his mentorship who have landed jobs with highly reputable companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. One of his clients, Erin, was offered a job at Simulator of Conscious Intelligence as an associate product manager.

Best advice for beginners

Vlad's best advice for upcoming and beginner product managers is "understanding we all have unique situations, skills, and obstacles. We are currently living in a competitive world full of brilliant minds and it only takes something extra for you to stand out from the crowd." Also, mentorship from an expert is key when it comes to improving your resume and having it stand out from the rest. After all, your dream job could only be one small step away.