IS Vivian frustrated on being called Girl's Generations Yuri's cousin ?

Vivian Cha's real name is Cha Hyunjung.

Vivian has accused makers of On Style's Get it Beauty for wrongly interpreting her words in a recently aired episode. The 23 year-old-model who made headlines for her alleged frustration on being called as 'Yuri's cousin' has reportedly blamed the network for evil editing.

During her interview with the crew, Vivian previously stated: "I did feel a bit frustrated that people recognized me more as 'Yuri's cousin' rather than 'model Vivian' when they didn't really know who I was." However, she has cleared the air and posted a note on her Instagram defying her quotes.

Vivian stated that the producers edited the important part which showed her in a contrary manner. The model wrote: "What I actually said at the interview was 'I do feel upset that some people who did not recognize what I have actually done in my career and are saying that I am just using my cousin.'"

" I was pointing at the people who have said that I have not done anything in my career and just trying to use my cousin without knowing how hard I personally have been doing in my career as a model. The problem is the editor of the TV program totally removed the important part and made it sound just like what you guys thought. That is the media. I have been saying multiple times that I have got to be known to people quickly thanks to her. Do not thoughtlessly judge about me, and hurt both of us. What you are trying to do is just hurting us. #thetruth #gonnadeletethissoon," she clarified.