Visionary Film Director Dan Mace Merges YouTube and Traditional TV in New Hit Show for Discovery Channel

Dan Mace Merges

The BRU Show' recently launched on Discovery Channel's new streaming platform discovery+ and was an instant hit. Film Director, and long-time YouTube star, Dan Mace brings a fresh new style to the more 'traditional' TV format in episodes that are short, punchy, and packed full of filmmaking knowledge laid out in extremely creative ways.

"I've decided to pour every ounce of creativity, combined with a hell of a lot of planning, and develop a twelve-part show. The final chapter, if you will.", Mace explains in his video 'The beginning of the end'.

"In this show, I do everything I've always wanted to try. Everything I've never had the resources or time to attempt. Everything that's now been made possible by [partnering with] discovery+. I really want to go out with a bang."

The video then launches into an exciting, action-packed trailer that showcases some crazy stunts and enormous film sets, all helmed by Mace. A taste of what's to come, it seems.

'The BRU Show' is actually the third season of Mace's YouTube series 'BRU', which has racked up millions of views on the platform and given us some pretty wild adventures like making a musical out of New York's street sounds, or flying his ex-boss to Afrikaburn by helicopter. Mace's partnership with discovery+ seems to have allowed him to merge the creative freedom of YouTube with the production quality of more commercial media to bring us the best of both worlds.

In the first episode alone, Mace goes BIG and transforms a four-ton truck into a giant camera to take a larger-than-life image of Table Mountain. In the second episode, he shoots an entire day-in-the-life vlog on a massive 16mm film camera, to show what vlogging would have been like in the 1970s. And the episodes get crazier from there.

Big-name YouTube stars like Logan Paul and Casey Neistat - who recently released a documentary on influencer David Dobrik - also appear throughout the episodes. They join Dan in his escapades and offer valuable wisdom about what it means to be 'Creative'. The episode with Casey is simply smashing and brings up a lot of nostalgia for anyone who watched the pair take on New York a few years back.

Mace is also challenging the mainstream by releasing each episode of 'The BRU Show' on his own YouTube channel just a few weeks after they launch on discovery+. This allows anyone who lives in an area where discovery+ isn't yet available to also enjoy the show.