Viral video: Two workers cling on to skyscraper as severe storm lashes Florida

The workers were cleaning the glass of an under construction building as a sunny day suddenly turned into a stormy day in South Florida

Screengrab from YouTube video
Screengrab from a YouTube video on Story Pavilion

A video of two workers clinging on to a skyscraper when a storm hit Miami-Dade County in South Florida on April 30 has gone viral.

The storm lasted for 30 minutes and the two workers who were reportedly cleaning the glass windows of an under-construction building were still working when the storm lashed the city.

They were struggling to hold on to the metal structure they were sitting on as the wind blew with force, swinging them from extreme right to left.

The video uploaded to YouTube on May 1 was originally shared by Irena Bessmertnaya on social media. Speaking to AccuWeather, she said it was a sunny day but the weather changed within seconds.

Irena, from Ukraine, has been residing in Miami since July 2019. "I have never seen a storm like that," she said. She said nobody suffered any injury and the workers seemed to have braved the storm.

South Florida experienced a thunderstorm and severe damage was reported in some places including Miami International Airport's South Terminal near Pennsuco where a gust of 66 mph was reported. Gusts in Lauderdale Lakes in Broward County measured up to 47 mph.

Central Florida faced a line of storms along with clod waves, bringing heavy rain along with strong winds. There were reports of trees uprooting due to the storm.

Earlier, on April 30, the authorities issued a weather warning to residents. The National Weather Service issued a take cover warning due to possible tornado activity in parts of Broward, including Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and Hollywood.

Miami-Dade from Hialeah to Kendall reportedly experienced nasty weather. On April 26, strong winds destroyed two COVID-19 test centres near Palm Beach International Airport in South Florida. They were drive-thru test centres set up temporarily.

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