Viral Video: Texas Child Protection Services Employee Tells Teen Girl in Foster Care to Become a Prostitute

In a shocking incident, an employee of Child Protection Services, Texas, was caught on camera telling a 14-year-old girl to "become a prostitute" for earning extra money.

The video clearly shows that the girl asked for food when the CPS employee told her to become a prostitute and earn money. It is learnt that this employee had been repeatedly asking the girl to indulge in prostitution and this time the teen made a video of the employee as she was coaxing her into prostitution. Thereafter, the girl shared the video with her mother Keisha Bazley who filed a complaint with the authorities.

Following an investigation, the employee was found guilty and was dismissed from services.

There is a widespread resentment against the CPS following the video which has become viral on social media. Factions of social media followers have demanded a thorough investigation into the incident and have expressed their apprehension about the "probability" of child exploitation at CPS facilities.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Is the Dismissed CPS Employee Running a Sex Racket?

A report published by NBC 24 stated that CPS was housing Bazley's daughter at a hotel, adding that she's one of many foster children living in hotels in Harris County, Texas. Soon after the episode, the agency's commissioner, Jamie Masters went to Houston from the Lone Star State's capital city to apologize to Bazley and her daughter.

A faction of social media followers also stated that this incident could just be a tip of the iceberg and that the dismissed employee along with other employees could be running a "racket".

A Twitter user shared his views adding," @GovernorGreg why are your CPS employees encouraging prostitution of 14yr old girls under their supervision? It exposes them to criminal charges, unwanted pregnancies & forced births! Pls vote this man out and protect the children of Texas!"

"A 14-year-old girl in foster care records video of child protective services employee telling her to become a prostitute #SmartNews Texas CPS is trafficking kids they are supposed to protect. @BetoORourke what will you do about this?" wrote another Twitter user.

A tweet read, "Instead of going thru #Trump wife's closet, MAYBE #Garland, #DOJ, & the #FBI should RAID #CPS. Some of the #employees are trying to encourage 14- year- old (girls) #kids to into #prostitution I didn't even know #Americans were paying for these hotels. #Houston #Texas #USA."