Viral Video: Television Host Joe Rogan Calls Donald Trump 'Man Baby' on His Podcast Show

Television host Joe Rogan called Donald Trump "man-baby" on his podcast show, The Joe Rogan Experience, creating buzz on various social media platforms.

The video of Rogan's conversation with comedian Tom Sengura about Trump was shared on Twitter this Monday evoking a massive response from the followers. The video has been viewed 150,000 times since Monday.

Donald Trump

Is Joe Rogan's Jibe an Attempt to Regain Fame?

The Trump detractors have flooded the social media with memes, comments and cartoons portraying him as a "man baby" and lauding Rogan for his sense of humor. However, supporters of Trump have lambasted Rogan for being unreasonable and using poor humor to malign the former President's public image. They also said that this was an attempt on Rogan's part to gain his lost "fame".

A report published by stated that Rogan spoke to Sengura during the show agreed that about Trump, his actions as president and rumors about his behavior. The pair agreed they believed the former president had taken the drug Adderall, which can be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. The report further referred to Sengura replying to a Rogan's query adding, "That is how they would tell him bad news, they couldn't just go here is a bunch of bad news," to which Rogan said, "Of course! He is a man-baby." "He is a f***ing toddler," Segura added.

A Twitter follower while sharing his comments wrote, "Joe Rogan, the biggest podcaster in the world, mocks Donald Trump as a "man baby" and says he's so "full of f*cking energy" because he's "on Adderall." RT IF YOU THINK ROGAN GOT IT RIGHT FOR ONCE!"

Another Twitter follower expressed, "Joe Rogan claimed Trump was on Adderall while in office and called him "man baby" after hearing how officials stroked his ego just to get him to listen to his daily briefings."

"I can picture Joe Rogan on one side, his liberal hero's on the other, 100 meters apart. Joe Rogan calls Trump a 'Racist Drugged Out Man-Baby.' And as they sprint toward each other and meet in the middle - Hugs, tears, kisses, belly-laughs, heavy breathing, hysteria," read a tweet.