Viral video shows man trying to abduct woman at railway station

The man, who was eyeing the woman for a long time, carried her to the bench outside and sat on top of her.

A video of a woman who was nearly abducted by a stranger in Bronx has gone viral. The horrifying experience was recorded by a person who was sitting close to the stranger who was eyeing the woman for a long time. The man was charged with unlawful imprisonment for grabbing the woman of a train in Morrison Avenue-Soundview station about 2:45 a.m.

Sonny Alloway, 48, was eyeing the woman for a long period of time before he woke up the woman and asked her a couple of questions. The victim was able to get out of the clutches by running back into the train and wake up the man she was sitting next to.

As the train door opens the suspect is ready

Alloway was caught on Monday after the video went viral. The police said he was caught in the intersection of Rosedale Avenue and Randall Avenue in the 43rd precinct. The footage which was uploaded in the popular Instagram handle @SubwayCreatures showed Alloway picking up the woman after a brief conversation. She struggled to get away from him. There was a man sleeping right next to her unaware of the abduction happening. The riders were left shaken while several of the people were shouting for help.

Alloway didn't take the woman too far. He carried her to the bench outside and sat on top of her. She pushed him away and ran back into the train to wake up the man sleeping next to her. As of Monday night the video was viewed around 237,000 times on YouTube while the Instagram showed around 400,000 views on Tuesday early morning.