A Kentucky man's unique idea to clear his snowy driveway has caught the attention of Twitter users. The unidentified man was filmed using a flamethrower to melt the snow on the driveway of his house in Ashland in eastern Kentucky.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user who went by the handle @ChadBlue83. He captioned the video: "Here's one way to do some quick snow removal, by flamethrower. The video was taken by Jordan Podunavac in Ashland, KY." He also tagged the National Weather Service and meteorologist James Spann in his tweet.

The video taken from across the road showed the unidentified man using the flamethrower and melting away the thick blanket of snow. He appeared to be aware that he was being recorded and at one point he pointed the flamethrower to the sky and fired balls of blames in the air.

Chris Bailey, a local meteorologist, shared the video and posted a zoomed-out screenshot of the unidentified man. In the screenshot, the man is seen in a white nightshirt and holding a cigar in his mouth as launched the flamethrower.

"It gets even better. Snow hating flamethrower man was dressed as Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation," Bailey tweeted with a reference to the Chevy Chase-starrer classic holiday movie.

Twitter users praised the flame-throwing man and one called him a "problem solver."

"The flamethrower guy is all of us and the snow is 2020," one user wrote.

Kentucky flamethrower

"I don't know who this guy is but I do know we would get along great. Problem solver!" another user tweeted.

"Now that's what you call 'a sure FIRE way to get things done!'" a third user quipped.

Meanwhile, Kentucky residents spent Christmas in heavy snow and power outages in various parts of the state. The Kentucky Department of Transportation issued a warning on Facebook stating: "Frigid temps can cause roadways to freeze. If you must travel, take your time and use extra caution."