Viral Video Shows Chicago Cop Pinning 14-year-old With His Knee, Accusing Him of Stealing his Son's Bike

In yet another incident of highhandedness of cops, a video of a Chicago cop pinning a 14-year-old boy with his knee to the ground has gone viral on social media. The cop accused the teen of having stolen his son's bike whereas the parents of the boy stated that he was just removing the abandoned bike which was obstructing the way.

The boy's parents have alleged the cop of "racial discrimination" stating that their son was deliberately targeted. The boy belongs to the Puerto Rican community.

The video has gone viral on social media and people from different quarters have criticized the cop in question, demanding an action against him.

Chicago cop pins a teen to ground

Initiate Action Against the Erring Cop; Social Media Followers

According to a report published by TMZ, the boy's parents stated that the incident took place on Friday at Starbucks in Park Ridge, outside of Chicago. The boy is an honor student, an athlete and a member of the local church. He had gone to the coffee stop with his friends when the incident occurred. Chicago police department is conducting an internal investigation into the whole incident. The report also stated that the teen's friends came to his recuse.

A Twitter user while commenting on the incident wrote, "White, off duty, Chicago cop pins 14- year- old Puerto Rican boy to the ground with his knee at a He accused the boy of stealing his son's bike. Fortunately, the boy's friends helped him. The man should be charged & arrested! #chicago #chicagopd #starbucks #parkridge."

Another Twitter user expressed his anger adding, " Keep your fckng hands off kids!!!! Fire that cop! #acab."

"I'll just leave this right here! They can't stop putting their knees on the bodies of Black people! Chicago PD Officer Pins 14-Yr-Old Boy to Ground with Knee, Claims He Stole Bike . No charges and the off- duty Officer is under investigation!" read a tweet.

Another tweet stated, "first of all that off duty dirty cop enacted entrapment acting like his demeanor was really of having a bike & stealing a bike. glad all those white boys stepped him pushing forcing him off that boy I hope his parents sue that scumbag cop."