Viral Video: NYPD Cop Pulls Gun on Neighbor After Road Rage Confrontation; Victim's Family Alleges Racism

An off- duty cop of NYPD was arrested and suspended this weekend for pulling a gun at his Long Island neighbor following a road rage confrontation. The victim's parents have alleged "racism" as the main factor adding that they are the only black family in the suburban block in Selden.

The video clearly shows Douglas Debonet, 32, holding his gun sideways telling his neighbor, "You want to do this? I'm a police officer! I'm a police officer!". The video has gone viral on social media flooding various platforms with messages condemning the incident. Various factions fighting for the rights of "black people" have come forward in the support of man victimized by Debonet.

Douglas Debonet

Victim's Parents Fear That the Cop Will Take Revenge

The parents of the victim expressed shock over the incident adding that the reason for Debonet's outrage was baseless. He drove down their block and made a turn on a narrow part of the road which forced Debonet to slow down as he was going in the opposite direction. The incident happened at around 11-30 AM. Thereafter, Debonet tried to intimidate their 24-year-old son but getting no response he drove away. But that was not all as Debonet reached their house at around 5 PM and threatened him by pulling out his gun.

A report published by NY Daily News refers to the statement made by the victim's mother who said that the cop, who was in a t-shirt and shorts, started following her son. The son panicked and called his mother, who told him to head to the nearest police station. But Debonet and the son wound up stopped at a red light on Old Town Rd. at County Rd. 83, she said. The mother further stated that Debonet came out of the car, banged on the window, banged on the door, went around the right side of the car and punched the passenger's side rear-view mirror and knocked it out. Then he got in his car, walked away. Her son filed an accident report — and thought he had seen the last of the enraged driver. But Debonet showed up at their home at about 5 p.m., the parents said.

The parents of the victim fear that the guilty cop will try to harm them in order to take revenge.

A Twitter user while sharing the photographs of the cop showing the gun to his neighbor wrote, "Here are the pics of NYPD cop Douglas Debonet threatening a Black family with a gun in his hand. He even told them "You want to do this? I'm a police officer! I'm a police officer!" as he threatened them. Neither Eric Adams nor the fascist NYPD cop union have commented on this."

Another Twitter user shared, "NYPD cop Douglas Debonet is a menace to society. He's unqualified, incompetent & incapable of carrying out his duties in law enforcement."