Viral video: Man bullies elderly Asian woman and chases her on Florida beach with sanitizer

The video shows a man chasing an elderly woman with sanitizer and asking her to clean her a**.

Viral video clip

Coronavirus scare has led to people taking all measures to keep themselves safe. From using hand sanitizers to masks, people are keeping going all to keep themselves safe and spread awareness. But a video that is going viral on social media shows a man chasing an elderly woman with sanitizer asking her to clean her a**.

At a time when people are trying their best to fight coronavirus, this video shows how people can be insensitive and use an epidemic to bully the weak and elderly people.

According to AllKpop, the video was filed at Miami Beach in Florida. A rapper had shared this video on his Instagram account. Rapper named (Johnny) with user ID 1k_johnny_ has now deleted the video after facing backlash on March 19. Shockingly, some even supported the rapper saying it was just a prank and not realizing the seriousness of the effect on those who are being bullied and ragged.

This is not the only incident where an Asian was ragged in public. In another incident reported earlier this month, an Asian man was sprayed with cleaning liquid. The incident occurred at a New York subway. The video shows the Asian man being asked to move. When he doesn't respond, he is being sprayed with the surface cleaning liquid.

Cleaning products, hand sanitizers etc have become the most necessary items people carry post the outbreak of coronavirus. But some people rather misuse it to hurt others in the name of virus breakout.

Coronavirus challenge

Earlier this week a Tik Tok user posted a disgusting video in which she was seen licking a toilet seat. After facing backlash for her actions, she deleted the video but by then it was being shared on Twitter. The video has got at least 4.4 million views.

This shows that not only there is need for practicing safety measures during a pandemic but also that deviant attitude of people, including racist expressions, need to be changed.

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