Viral Video Catches Louis Vuitton Security Guard Slapping 13-Year Old For 'Trying' to Get Close to Stars at Paris Fashion Week

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton drew flak on social media after a video showing a child being slapped by their security guard outside the Louvre on Tuesday, surfaced. The incident happened during the ongoing Paris Fashion Week which was organized at the art gallery by French company Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH).

Louis Vuitton

Child 'Tried' to Get Close to the Stars

The four second video, shared by French lawyer and commentator Juan Branco, shows a 13-year-old boy being pushed and slapped by an angry security guard standing outside the Louvre. A crowd of onlookers is also seen looking at the boy being slapped and recording the ongoings.

Sharing the clip on Twitter Branco wrote, "Today, Le Louvre completely closed and privatized by and for Bernard Arnault [the billionaire CEO of LVMH], for Louis Vuitton. LVMH agents hit a 13-year-old child. LVMH had the video removed. But we had saved it."

"This child was hit for having tried, in the public space, to get closer to "stars" paid by LVMH to advertise. After having made the wife of the President of the Republic a walking dress-bearer, like an additional symbol of our enslavement," he went on to add.

Later, speaking to Newsweek, Branco said that the an eyewitness, who recorded the incident, had initially posted it online. However, it was removed after being "threatened" with "blacklisting and legal proceedings."

"Once the footage was transmitted, I verified its origin, the conditions of its deletion, and decided to make it public," the lawyer added.

Louis Vuitton Fires Erring Guard

In a communique to the outlet a spokesperson for Louis Vuitton said that the brand condemns all forms of violence and sincerely apologizes for this inexcusable action.

"As soon as the Maison became aware of this incident, the service provider was immediately contacted to ensure that the security agent no longer work for Louis Vuitton and that necessary measures be implemented going forward to prevent any future reoccurrences," confirmed the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, social media was left enraged with the incident. "At the Louis Vuitton show, a security guard hit a 13-year-old boy who just wanted to take a selfie,, I have no words. it's terrible, and the people behind just turned away," tweeted a user.

"Dog sh_t luxury brand Louis Vuitton has moron security slapping children? Shocker," wrote another.

"This kind of violent behavior should not happen. If this boy is doing something that is forbidden and security witness it, it is good manners to speak to him gently and deal with him politely. This security actions are a disgrace to the Louis Vuitton sign," expressed a user.