Viral TikTok Video Shows New York Teen Kicked, Thrown Out of Window, Prompts Investigation

According to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, the disturbing video was shot on Dec. 12 in New York's Clarence town.

A viral TikTok video showing a teenage boy being assaulted and thrown out a window in Clarence, New York prompted a police investigation. While the video was deleted from TikTok, it was uploaded Facebook by Niagara Action, a local newsgathering page.

The disturbing video showed the victim being kicked and beaten by a group of teens. One person is heard telling the victim to "go home." The teenage boy, who is lying on the floor, is then kicked as other person says "kick hard." The victim is then carried and thrown out of the window as others in the room continue to laugh. The final shot in the clip showed the victim covered in dirt and blood along with cuts on his face.

According to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, the video was shot on Dec. 12 in Clarence. The sheriff's office noted that the victim "sustained an injury, sought medical treatment, and was released." While the no charges have been filed, authorities have launched an investigation.

Teenage boy thrown out of window

"Agency personnel has talked to the victim and their family as well as photographed the victim's injuries. ... Many of the injuries detailed in social media posts are greatly exaggerated or even false," the sheriff's office said.

The Clarence High School Principal Kenneth Smith appeared to confirm the victim studied at the school in a message posted on the district's Schoology platform, according to ABC-affiliate WKBW Buffalo.

"We have knowledge of the disturbing video being shared on social media involving an assault on a high school student... Please know that although we are temporarily in fully remote instruction, our counselors are available if you need to talk to share," Smith said in the message.

The principal continued: "Remember that there are often changes to a story as it spreads,' he wrote in a post on Schoology. Be aware of misinformation and be cautious about the information you digest."