Viral TikTok Video Shows Myanmar Soldier Saying 'I Will Shoot Whoever I See'

More than 800 videos of Myanmar army officers threatening, beating up, shooting down protesters have emerged from Myanmar.

Unrest in Myanmar continued as reports of pro-democracy protesters getting threatened, beaten, arrested and shot dead by the military emerged. A video of a man wearing an army t-shirt holding a rifle saying, "I will shoot whoever I see" went viral on TikTok.

The army officer claiming to can be seen threatening protesters: "I will shoot in your f***ing faces... and I'm using real bullets. I am going to patrol the whole city tonight and I will shoot whoever I see... If you want to become a martyr, I will fulfil your wish."

Videos of army officers threatening pro-democracy protesters in Myanmar are seen on social media. Twitter screengrab

As soon as the video became viral, TikTok took it down and assured that it will remove all content that incited violence or spreads misinformation. Digital rights group Myanmar ICT for Development stated that they found at least 800 videos by pro-military supporters that threatened protesters.

Civilian Shot Down

The second video that has shocked people worldwide is of a civilian being shot down. The video shows a protester being taken away by the riot police. After walking a short distance, a gunshot is heard and the protester is seen falling to the ground.

Since the Feb. 1 coup, at least 50 people, including 38 who died on March 3, have been killed by the Myanmar army. According to UNICEF, the death toll also includes five children. So far, about 500 people have been arbitrarily arrested.

Medical Volunteers Beaten Up

Among other videos that went viral included the one where armed officers were seen brutally beating up medical volunteers for treating injured protesters. CCTV footage showed six cops stopping an ambulance at gunpoint and attacking the medics with rifle butts.

Medical volunteers were also beaten up with truncheons after blasting out the windows of their ambulance with shotguns. In a brutal attack, Myanmar army killed at least 38 and hundreds of protesters were injured on March 3.

As people returned to the streets to mourn the death of protesters, five fighter jets were seen hovering over Mandalay. In other videos, army officers were seen opening fire on crowds of demonstrators in various cities of the country without warning. One of the videos from Monywa showed officers dragging away the body of a protester who was shot earlier. Reports also claim that a 14-year-old boy was shot in the head in Myingyan.