Viral photo of 2 'drunk' elephants sleeping in a field in China's Yunan wins internet [VIDEO]

The incident took place recently when the villagers were under self-quarantine due to coronavirus outbreak

Fearing the spread of fatal coronavirus or COVID-19, social distancing has become a norm for human race the world over. But, for animals, this is perhaps the best time to come out of wilderness and enjoy the 'human free' world. And this is what exactly happened with a bunch of wild animals, who literally took 'partying' to another level.

Apparently, drunk on a barrel load of corn wine, a pair of male elephants was caught dozing off in the fields in China's Yunan Province. The picture has gone viral on social media, with netizens sharing the adorable picture.

The 'awesome twosome' dozing off in the fields

Drunk elephants corn wine

The two elephants were a part of herd of nearly 14 elephants who were previously caught creating havoc in the houses and fields of the villagers currently in self-isolation over coronavirus crisis.

The picture posted by a Reddit user showed two male elephants sleeping away to glory in the middle of a field, after getting drunk on corn wine, which they found at a home while looking for food. Sharing the post, Reddit user ADarkcid wrote: "While humans carry out social distancing, a group of 14 elephants broke into a village in Yunan province, looking for corn and other food. They ended up drinking 30 kg of corn wine and got so drunk that they fell asleep in a nearby tea garden."

elephants in field

The picture was later uploaded on Twitter by HGS Dhaliwal and soon went viral. "Xishuangbana, Yunnan, China. 11 March, a herd of 14 elephants went to village. Looking for corn and other foodstuffs. Apparently, They also polished 30 KG of corn whisky! Two of the males got completely drunk, and made themselves a pair of cutest internet sensation in China," he wrote while sharing the picture.

Internet is in love with these 2 drunkards

According to a study conducted in 1984, it was established that elephants can get drunk with a blood-alcohol content of around 0.05-0.1g to 100ml. Even though the strength of corn wine consumed by the elephants was unknown it is believed that an elephant is to drink at least 10 litres of alcohol with seven percent ABV to be at least tipsy.

One of China's digital news platform, The Paper contradicted the claims of elephants being out after drinking corn wine. "Local authorities in Menghai County, Yunnan deny rumors that a herd of #elephants drank 30kg liquor and passed out in a tea garden. The fact is that elephants went downhill and intruded into villagers' homes, causing damages," it posted on its Twitter handle.

According to The Sun Long Yunhai, deputy director of the Menghai Forestry and Grassland Administration, said denied the elephants being drunk. "The photos showing so-called drunk elephants were not true. There have indeed been recent reports of 14 Asian elephants entering villages and damaging vats of grain alcohol, but whether they drank any alcohol is hard to determine," he said.

Meanwhile, the twitter was in love with the adorable viral picture. "With everything goin on in the world, I was afraid it'll be bad news about the elephants. This is the happy ending I needed. Everything will be alright. Oh to be a drunk elephant in a corn field rn. they're so cute," wrote one user.

"Ah to be an elephant getting drunk on corn wine and falling asleep with no humans around to bother me," mentioned another.

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