Viral Influencer Alex Smetana Shares About the Challenges of Running a Digital Marketing Business

Alex Smetana

Alex Smetana is a 20-year-old viral influencer and digital marketing entrepreneur who has been at the social media game for several years now. Throughout his journey, he has had his fair share of success and failures, but mostly successes. All the experiences he had throughout this journey have provided him with valuable insight and knowledge regarding the challenges of running a digital marketing business. He recently shared his advice, so that other digital marketers can be prepared for what may be in store for them on their entrepreneurial journeys.

From Alex's experience, being your own boss was the most challenging aspect of all. This is because you are the one who needs to make sure you can pay for all expenses and still be able to support yourself. You're the one who needs to always be the expert with all the latest information that is required to have an edge in the ever-changing social media landscape.

Today, social media platforms are run by highly-complex algorithms that are continually being updated. This means that digital marketing strategies that worked before may not work after an algorithm has been updated. Staying on top of all the changes can be challenging, especially when there is usually not a clear understanding of what has been changed in these proprietary and secretive systems.

Alex Smetana has been at the social media marketing game since he was 15. He has achieved tremendous success with his vast network of Instagram pages that have a combined total of 14 million followers. That is a massive success by any measure. Sure, he got in when there weren't two billion active users as there are now on IG. However, he still believes that the basic principles that worked then still work now: create content people love.

Running a digital marketing business is something he loves to do. He's incredibly passionate about it, which is why he is still doing it. He was really fortunate to get into taking social media seriously when he did. That's because, at the time, platforms like Instagram were only starting to become popular. Looking back ten years from today, we can see the social media landscape was entirely different. There have been incredible advances in technology, including smartphones, algorithms, and others. It's now possible to do things on social media that can turn you into a six, seven, or even eight-figure entrepreneur.

Alex wants to be a part of that process.

It's why Alex loves being in this space and helping other brands and entrepreneurs achieve great success with the power of social media. With the help of his digital marketing agency, Alex has helped numerous entrepreneurs use social media platforms like Instagram as their launchpads to become incredibly successful.

You can follow him on Instagram and reach out to him if you would like to catapult your success using the power of viral marketing and social media.