VIPS Wallet Collaborates With Gamezop To Welcome Gaming Zone On Their Platform

VIPS Wallet

VIPS Wallet, one of India's leading and trusted online payment applications and e-com stores, is partnering with Gamezop to introduce games on their platform.

VIPS Wallet is one of the reliable solutions for every online need users have, whether it be shopping, recharge, flight booking, bill payment, or anything else. With a user base of 1M+, VIPS Wallet has a proven record of satisfied customers.

In a conversation with Mr. Santosh Khute, Co-founder and COO of VIPS Wallet revealed that the organization has been working on the idea for quite a time now, and with Gamezop, it is finally becoming a reality.

Additionally, he also acknowledged that Gamezop is a reputed name in the gaming industry and has business ties with many well-known brands like Tata and more.

Gamezop is a one-stop solution for all game lovers, where one can find multiple games of all genres and types. It's also believed that it's an infinite pool of games with a user base spread across 70 countries.

As a matter of fact, VIPS Wallet is a complete platform in itself and offers all the services to its users, but when questioned, it was found that since the increased usage of gaming applications, VIPS Wallet always felt the need to add an entertainment element in their platform, and with Gamezop the requirement was just met.

The gaming platform offered by VIPS Wallet offers multiple games of different genres and playing styles under one roof. More than that, the games offered in the platform are not just fun, but interactive and easy to play too.