The four members and manager of the British rock band Viola Beach were killed in a car crash in Sweden early on Saturday.

Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin, along with their manager Craig Tarry, were killed when their car fell into a canal under the E4 highway bridge in Sodertalje, Sweden, UK's foreign office confirmed.

The car plunged 26 meters from the motorway into the canal when a bridge was open, Reuters reported.

"For some reason, this car went through the barriers and actually went under the bridge and into the Sodertalje canal," the agency quoted a police spokesman as saying.

"The investigation so far shows no problem with the barrier. It was down and the lights were on. Other cars had stopped by the barrier."

The band members were in Sadden to take part in the Swedish music festival Where is the Music?

They had released their first single Swings & Waterslides in August and had started accumulating a loyal fan base, BBC reported.