Vinn Sander talks about his plans for his short film '310' and his journey in fitness industry

Vinn Sander

An Indian boy born in Kerala, who lived in Delhi for the first few years of his life is today making big strides in Hollywood, representing the Indian talent amazingly, and that boy is Vinn Sander. Known for his appearances in Dhar Mann's motivational videos, last year Vinn co-wrote and starred in the short film 310 which has garnered a lot of praise all over, and the actor is over the moon with it.

Opening up about that, Vinn shares, "310 received a great response from my fans. I was surprised by how well it was received by the audience. Due to popular demand, we are currently working on part 2. The script has been finished and shooting will begin this month." Apart from this exciting development, Vinn also reveals that he and his team are planning to release many more short films this year. "We are currently developing the scripts for them and will be releasing the films on my YouTube channel."

Considering the love 310 is receiving, Vinn does have some plans for it that he plans to implement. "I do plan on sending 310 to various film festivals later this year. My current focus is on developing more entertaining scripts which will cover various genres. So, just stay tuned," he smiles.

Today, Vinn has reached a place where he is being showered with so much love by his audience. But to reach there, the actor, who actually studied Engineering in college, has had some journey. "My journey thus far has been very challenging yet rewarding. I have learned a lot through it about myself, my strengths, weaknesses and my ability to constantly evolve in this ever-changing industry. I am still learning and growing. I feel like I have only scratched the surface, I have a lot more to learn. I am grateful for the challenges I have faced throughout my journey thus far, as they have made me who I am today," he insists.

It's because of all these learning experiences that Vinn has expanded his horizons beyond the screen as well as he has been working towards a career in the fitness industry too. "I have been developing my own fitness brand, Novashell. I have always been into fitness, it's a part of my lifestyle. People have always asked me for fitness advice and I am always glad to help them. And that inspired me to create my own fitness apparel. Novashell means "new shell" and I intend to help people break into their new shell," he signs off.