Vince Pitstick, Metabolic Mentor, and Influencer Started with Six Clients - Here Is Where He Is Now

Vince Pitstick

He worked with Metagenics Inc. as a functional medicine consultant before starting Nutrition Dynamic, a company that later became his identity. Vince Pitstick had come a long way before entering into the medical field. His story is an awe-inspiring one.

Vince had a turbulent childhood. He grew up in a divorced house where domestic violence was the norm. Enduring ten years in such a suffocating environment was not only complicated but also had consequences. He was diagnosed with severe Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which subsequently landed him into drug addiction. The entire episode was as bad as it could be, but it also had some positive outcomes.

While recovering from the drug addiction, he closely observed the health system and the way it dealt with addicts and other patients. Apparently, he didn't find himself impressed by the system, and after successfully battling drug addiction, he pursued medicine as a career. He started researching the effective ways to deal with drug addicts and other ill people and eventually started working with Metagenics Inc. as a functional medicine consultant.

The new job proved to be a great experience as he got an opportunity to work with national and international doctors on a wide range of treatments. However, realizing that it was time to move on, he left the job and started a new health coaching company named Nutrition Dynamic.

An expert in functional nutrition himself, Vince aptly translated his nearly two decades of experience in the field into programs offered to the client from the platform of Nutrition Dynamic. He opened the company in the back of a chiropractic office in Waynesville. At the time, he only had six local clients.

However, it's not the same case today. Nutrition Dynamic is considered one of the largest one-to-one fitness and health coaching companies in the world, with a worldwide client base of more than 1000. The company employs a staff of 60 that includes health coaches, nurses, dieticians, and other practitioners as well. It offers training programs virtually to people with different illnesses and is the only company of its kind.

In addition, Vince also leads a supplement company named Nuethix Formulations. It is the first company created by health coaches for health practitioners. It sells supplements for gut health, stress support, and hormone balance and is based on four pillars, honesty, integrity, transparency, and truth.

Starting from a very little, today, Vince is a 'big fish' in the health coaching industry. He not only enjoys popularity at home, but his fame goes offshores as well. His success is a testament that you only need to dream what you want, and you are halfway there.

Vince's Instagram: @Vince_Pitstick