From A Village Boy To A Multi-Millionaire, Take A Look At Yogendra Singh Rathore's Life Story

Yogendra Singh Rathore

Yogendra Singh Rathore is a person who has made a name helping and inspiring people. He has motivated millions of people to find their strength and rebuild their lives. He has a journey that inspires all and the stuff that mostly only legends have. Yogendra is the founder of 3 Startups: Mission Positive world Pvt. Ltd,, and LEADMONK Digital Pvt. Ltd. He is an award-winning Marketing influencer, an Amazon No.1 Bestselling Author, and one of the Top Brain Experts present in India. His journey has been amazing, from a village boy to a multi-millionaire, he has seen almost everything. He made it big in his life through his sheer determination and hard work, despite facing all the hardships in his life and now he encourages people to do the same.

He founded and runs a website called GuniGuru, which aims to act as one's personal life coach and help people figure out a way if they are stuck at any point during their life, isn't it great? It is, indeed! Yogendra Singh Rathore has inspired more than 2 million people through his various programs, videos, and workshops. He has achieved so much already in his life that currently, he is not only an influencer or a guru, but he is a brand. Yogendra Singh Rathore is someone who has gained the trust and confidence of people owing to his knowledge and grasp of things. He has made his presence everywhere be it Bollywood, the hospitality industry, politics, the entertainment industry, the food or fashion industry, and even cricket, he is involved in almost every industry. Some notable examples with whom he has rubbed his shoulders include Karan Johar, Zafar Sareshwala, John Abraham, Mahesh Bhatt, Poonam Mahajan, and Sir Ian Botham.

Yogendra Singh Rathore is one of the brand ambassadors of one of the topmost NGOs of Ahmedabad- "Yuva- Unstoppable". He has been awarded the "Yuva Gratitude Award" in Ahmedabad Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Bollywood Director & producer). He was also the brand ambassador of the Gujarat knowledge series campaigns. He is also the author of two bestseller Books named "Awaken The Great Potential Of Memory And Will-Power" & "Secrets Of The Limitless Mind". His books were so good and loved by all that they were translated into Hindi and Gujarati.

His story of achievements doesn't end there, at the young age of 27, his short biography was published in one of the leading international e-magazines of India- IUEMAG (inspiration unlimited e-magazine) along with great Boxer Mary Kom. Yogendra Singh Rathore also said that this, according to him, was the best moment of his life. He was overwhelmed to share space with a legend like Mary Kom and felt like it gave him and his work the kind of validation they deserved.

Yogendra Singh Rathore is on a success spree and it is not going to stop anytime soon. He loves his work and believes that his biggest achievement is helping people through their tough times. Also, he urges and encourages everyone to fight throughout their lives no matter what the conditions are. Yogendra Singh Rathore believes that hard work is the only way by which one can be successful in his/her life.