Vikings season 6 episode 4 spoilers: What is in store for Ubbe and Torvi?

Episode 4 of Vikings season 6 will also explore the relationship between Ivar and Prince Oleg.

Vikings season 6 will be back with a new episode on the History Channel next Wednesday, December 18, at 10pm EST. Episode 4 is titled All the Prisoners and the official synopsis for it is yet to be released. According to show creator Michael Hirst, the upcoming episode could feature a new journey for Ubbe and Torvi.

It has already been revealed that Ubbe and Torvi will travel to Iceland in the sixth season of Vikings for unwrapping the mystery and confusion behind Floki's death. During their journey, they will also try to find out the contradictory accounts of the Icelandic settlement. But that journey will take them to a new place and viewers will have to wait a little longer to know more about it, Hirst teased.

Creator teases a new journey for Ubbe and Torvi

Georgia Hirst as Torvi and Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe in Vikings. Facebook/Vikings

The creator further said that a traveler will inform Ragnar's son about the various things that he can explore as he moves forward. "So Ubbe and Torvi go on a journey [that] takes them to Iceland and then takes them somewhere else, which I can't tell you where that is. But it's a journey," Hirst said in an interview with TV Guide.

Vikings season 6 episode 3 recap

In episode 3, the viewers saw Ubbe's excellence as a King in Bjorn's absence. He is far better a ruler than his father, Ragnar, and his brothers, Bjorn and Ivar. He is less selfish, less ambitious and less crazy than his father and his siblings. He always wished to be the people's King and it is quite evident in his words when he addresses the people of Kattegat telling them about how they can make Kattegat one of the greatest cities in the world.

But Ubbe will not stay at Kattegat for long because he always wanted to find out what happened to Floki and solve the mysteries surrounding his death. So, he will be sent to Iceland as soon as Bjorn comes back and takes charge.

Episode 4 spoilers

Meanwhile, episode 4 of Vikings season 6 will also explore the relationship between Ivar and Princess Oleg. Hirst revealed that viewers can look forward to a "sympathetic" and "humanized" form of Ivar as he continues to deal with a more "bloody", "crueler" and "rapacious" Oleg in the upcoming episodes.

This article was first published on December 14, 2019