Vikings season 6 episode 3 spoilers, live stream details: Lagertha prepares for 'massive battle'

Episode 3 of Vikings season 6, which is titled Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs, will feature Lagertha in action

Vikings will be back with a new episode of season 6 on History channel this Wednesday, December 10, at 10 pm EST. Episode 3 is titled Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs. The sequel will feature a new beginning for Lagertha and the viewers can look forward to seeing her back in action.

Before getting into the details of the third episode, here is a quick recap on episodes one and two. The two-hour special premiere episode of sixth season shows Lagertha preparing for her retirement from the battle field. She wants to lead a farmer's life and finds a perfect plot for it. The sequel also shows her burying the sword.

But immediately after the premiere, show creator Michael Hirst revealed that Lagertha cannot retire so easily. The creator further said she is a popular shieldmaiden. So, she will have to be back on the battlefield for the people of Kattegat.

Cast member Katheryn Winnick, who portrays Lagertha in the History drama series, also teased a massive battle for her character in the upcoming episode. "There's still a massive battle, if not a physical, emotional battle that she still has to overcome," she said in an interview with People.

Actress Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha in Vikings season 6. Facebook/Vikings

Check out the synopsis below to know more about episode 3 of Vikings season 6:

Lagertha is visited by women from the nearby villages and they feast together happily but the community is shattered by shocking events that follows and Lagertha is forced to take action. In Kiev, although Oleg continues to be friendly, Ivar is aware of the threat which Oleg poses, not only to himself, but to the vulnerable young heir to the throne. Bjorn has answered the call and come to the aid of an old enemy, but all is not as it seems and disaster looms for Bjorn's forces.

When and where to watch Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs?

Episode 3 of Vikings season 6, titled Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs, will be telecasted on History Channel this Wednesday, December 10, at 10 pm EST. The new episode can be streamed online on the official webpage for History Channel.

Watch the promo for Vikings season 6 episode 3 below: