Vikings season 6 episode 11 air date, spoilers: What lies ahead for Hvitserk?

Hvitserk will have a bigger role to play in the last 10 episodes of Vikings season 6 as he finds himself a purpose in life, according to show creator Michael Hirst.

Vikings season 6 episode 11 will probably air on History Channel in November and it could feature the gradual transformation of Hvitserk from a man of complexities to a person with a purpose in life, according to show creator Michael Hirst. The screenwriter said the character is still going through a lot of challenges in life as he is unable to solve the puzzles of life.

When the series' followers last saw Hvitserk, he was with Ivar helping him in the battle field at Kattegat. The relationship between the two siblings was always a complex one and it is still very complex. But Ivar has changed and he never hesitated to accept his sibling when he met him in Rus. He gave Hvitserk a very warm and loving welcome.

On the other hand, Hvitserk is still going through several complexities as he is trying to solve the puzzles of his life and dealing with all the challenges. He is trying to find answers to all his actions that he thinks is confusing him and the last 10 episodes will focus on his search for answers. He may find the answers only at the very last moment, teased Hirst.

Hvitserk: A man of complexities

History Channel

"Hvitserk has, in a way, never really worked out why he jumped ship in the past, when he had to choose between Ubbe and Ivar. He was close to Ubbe and he suddenly changed sides and jumped ship and went with Ivar. And he didn't quite know why he did that, and I suppose Ivar didn't, and to some extent I didn't. But I knew that it was the right thing for him to do," Hirst told TV Guide.

"So he's still working through the meaning of that and the full meaning of that, the significance of that and why it happened and what it leads to won't become clear until the very final episodes of this show, in which it does become, at least for Ivar and Hvitserk, clear why what has happened has happened," he added.

The creator then asked the series' followers to wait for an explosive episode later this year that could change the future of Ivar, Bjorn and Hvitserk forever. He said a mid-season premiere episode of Vikings season 6 will feature a number of things that may seem new for viewers.