Vijaya Gadde in Line to be Booted Out From Twitter; Bad karma, or Fair Price for Being Democrat Foot Soldier?

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter's top lawyer, may soon lose her position as is evident from the critical tweets posted by none other than Elon Musk, the company's new owner. Gadde is the second Indian after Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal to have come in the firing line of Elon Musk.

Musk's tweets have kickstarted a chain reaction on social media as some of the followers are hurling racist insults at Gadde. Whereas, some of the followers have termed it as an act of "racism" on the part of Musk stating that this is blatant and in a bad taste.

Vijaya Gadde

Vijay Gadde, a Key Player in Back-Door Politics

Another faction of followers opined that it is Gadde's allegiance to the democrats that has landed her in trouble. Despite keeping a low profile, Gadde was always amongst the key players in the back door politics, remarked the social media followers.

Some of her detractors have even alleged her of getting "sold" to the democrats stating that she sided with them even when they were committing a chain of follies.

As reported by the Daily Mail the federal records show that in the last two decades, Gadde donated more than $18,000 to the Democrats including a $2,700 check for Kamala Harris in 2019.

The supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump have gone a step ahead while criticizing Gadde for deciding to ban him from Twitter. They further stated that it is "karma" as Gadde is getting back what she doled out to others.

A Twitter user expressed his opinion stating, "How much I hate Indian left liberal women dying to suck up to Biden and the democrats without any shame. Vijaya Gadde got sold and now doesn't like freedom is why we must rethink/redefine what women empowerment should mean."

Another user while replying to @aaronguilmette @HarrisonKrank and @elonmusk wrote, "Such words don't hurt anyone so that is a psychotic principle applied to free-speech never mind how wrong it is in principle. If you follow it you become the intolerant which is realized today by many on the left. e.g. Vijaya Gadde."

"Let's condemn Elon Musk strongly for his racist comments on Vijaya Gadde. This shows what Twitter is going to be in future. Vijaya hails from the great country, India, which strongly denounced apartheid in South Africa, from where Musk comes. India and Indians are no cowards, Musk," read a tweet.