Vietnamese woman swallows condom to escape arrest for prostitution

Reports say that the doctors have still not found the condom.

Representational image Pixabay

A 48-year-old Vietnamese woman swallowed a condom to prevent getting arrested by cops for carrying out sex work in a health spa located in Taichung City, Taiwan.

According to reports, the health spa carried out sex work secretly but when the cops raided the Vietnamese woman, who goes by the name Dang, tried to hide the evidence and swallowed the condom. Although, the condom was missing but, the police found the empty wrapper.

Meanwhile, Dang's condition had turned critical as she was unable to breathe and turned extremely dehydrated. Daily Mail reported that she was taken to Jen-Ai Hospital immediately where her x-ray revealed a shadow in her digestive tract which was believed to be a rubber sheath by the police.

Other local media sources later revealed that Dang was with a client, who was identified as Yao. Both of them were found together on the first floor of the health spa.

The police have both arrested and interrogated the duo. Reports said that Dang has refused all the allegations of prostitution, but Yao accepted that they were having sex. During interrogation, Yao said that the condom was pulled out and swallowed by Dang as soon as she heard the cops raiding.

Dang was arrested and jailed for two months for misleading the police. However, she narrowly escaped the punishment for prostitution as she swallowed the condom that was the only evidence. Reports said that the doctors have still not found the condom.