Video Shows Uvalde Residents Shouting at President Biden During His Visit to Robb Elementary School

A viral video shows the anguished crowds in Uvalde shouting at President Joe Biden during his visit to Robb Elementary School Memorial on Sunday. The residents chanted, "Do something President. We need Help" as Biden along with the first lady Jill Biden attended a Catholic mass and met the kin of those who lost their lives.

Biden was accompanied by Texas Governor Greg Abbott who too was addressed by the shouting residents. The video shows the helplessness and desperation in the voices of the residents as they shouted, "we need change Governor Abbott. Our children don't deserve it."

President Joe Biden

Was Joe Biden Afraid to Face the Uvalde Crowd?

The video shared by CNN shows Biden, Jill Biden and Abbott paying tributes to the children and teachers who lost their lives in the Uvalde school massacre.

Biden responded to the shouting crowd with a "we will" answer which was not enough as Uvalde residents were looking for more.

Social media followers have widely criticized Biden and Abbott for having failed to take action against the delayed action of the cops which resulted in loss of so many lives.

Unable to face the angry residents who booed him, Biden just fled the scene, added a faction of social media followers.

"Biden looking like he doesn't even know where he is as residents of Uvalde boo and shout "do something" as he leaves Catholic Mass in the city, the secret service had to told the crowd he'd greet them, clearly not," shared a Twitter user.

Another user expressed his thoughts adding, "President Joe Biden stood on the step of his armored limousine and pointed his finger at demonstrators in grief-stricken Uvalde, Texas, who were beseeching him to "do something" in the wake of the horrific elementary school massacre."

"Uvalde, Texas shooting: President Biden considering razing, rebuilding Robb Elementary School, the "King" can simply snap his fingers and demolish buildings not under federal control? Even King Obama didn't possess such powers," read a tweet.