Video Shows US Military Black Hawk Helicopter Falling Out of Sky and Catching Fire; Two Killed

A Black Hawk helicopter crashed near Huntsville, Alabama, on Wednesday, killing at least two. The military chopper crash-landed near the intersection of Burwell Road and Highway 53 near Huntsville, and caught fire on impact.

Black Hawk
Black Hawk Twitter

The Pentagon and the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the crashed helicopter was a Black Hawk. It belonged to the Tennessee National Guard and was on a routine training session when the mishap occurred.

There was no immediate confirmation of the number of people on board, but Fox News cited officials as saying there were no survivors. The Daily Mail reported that two people were killed in the crash.

Black Hawk helicopter
Black Hawk helicopter Pixabay

Footage shot on mobile phone cameras showed columns of black smoke rising up in the air.

Another CCTV footage shared on Twitter showed the helicopter falling out of the sky and crashing on the ground with a thud. Seconds later a loud bang is heard, followed by visuals of thick black plumes of smoke rising in the air from the crash spot.

"First responders are on scene, and Redstone Arsenal is in full support of local authorities in their active investigation ... "nitial investigations have determined that the incident is not connected to Redstone Arsenal assets, and we will continue to support community authorities as the situation develops," Redstone Arsenal said in a statement.