Video Shows Oklahoma Woman Slipping Out of Handcuffs And Firing At Cops With Their AR-15 (WATCH)

An Oklahoma woman who was being arrested slipped out of handcuffs in the police car and shot the cops with their AR-15. Rachel Zion Clay fired nearly 10 rounds hitting a deputy and her homeowner.

Clay now faces up to life in prison for her violent act. She was apprehended on August 12 and cuffed after "crawling about on her hands and knees in a backyard and howling" in the Grady County area of Oklahoma, with police saying they did this for her own safety, according to Daily Star.

Rachel Zion Clay
Rachel Zion Clay Twitter

Clay Was High on Meth

Reports have claimed that she was high on meth at the time of the incident.

When police detained her and took her inside the police vehicle, she somehow managed to free herself from the double-lock cuffs.

Videos released by the police show Clay getting her hands on an AR-15 assault rifle from the gun compartment. Then she loaded a magazine into the firearm before flipping the rifle's flashlight on and firing towards the rear window.

The incident, which lasted for more than an hour, injured her homeowner Dale Moses and one of the responding cops Deputy Keith Williams. Both were taken to the hospital although they didn't have any life-threatening wounds.

Clay Has Been Charged With Intent To Kill

The incident only came to an end after Clay handed herself to the police, who later confirmed that she was high on methamphetamines.

Clay, whose bail is now set at $1 million, has been charged with "intent to kill".

Clay Was In A Disturbed State of Mind

There were several notes found in the vehicle, which revealed that Clay was in a disturbed state of mind at the time. She could now face anywhere from two years to life in prison, while Boggess is recommending a number of safety changes following the incident, according to Daily Star.

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