VIDEO Shows New Jersey Men Mocking George Floyd Murder and Black Lives Matter Protesters

Two men are caught in the video enacting the brutal murder of George Floyd as they confronted the Black Lives Matter protesters.

Two white men who were videotaped imitating George Floyd's gruesome killing have been suspended from their jobs. The act was staged as a counter-protest against the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in New Jersey. While one of the men worked at FedEx, the other has been identified as a South Jersey corrections officer.

Protests are raging throughout the United States, following the brutal murder of George Floyd, a 46-year old African American man at the hands of a white Minneapolis cop. The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the world, resulting in widespread demonstrations against racism and police brutality.

George Floyd's murder imitated
Imitation of George Floyd's murder in New Jersey Twitter/Screen Grab

Some New Jersey protesters who were marching against the brutal murder of George Floyd were met with counter-protesters. They mocked Floyd's murder with a Trump banner, U.S. flag and an 'All Lives Matter' sign, in the background. A man knelt on another person's neck, the same way as Floyd was assaulted by Derek Chauvin, the ex-Minneapolis cop. He was then seen shouting at the protesters.

One of the men in the video has been identified as an officer with the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC), ABC7 reported. He has been suspended by the department and an investigation has been opened into the incident. In a statement, the department called the act "hateful and disappointing" that "mocked the killing of George Floyd". It informed that the man has been suspended and "banned from the NJDOC facilities pending a thorough and expedited investigation".

The other man has been identified as James DeMarco, who is a FedEx employee, TMZ reported. In a statement, the company called its employee's behavior "appalling and offensive". It said the employee has been suspended from all FedEx duties while "investigation is concluded and all internal procedures are followed". It further added that "a diverse and inclusive workforce" is at the heart of its business, and it "stands with those who support justice and equality".