Video shows moment Philippines cop killed ex-army veteran with PTSD for violating COVID 19 lockdown

  • The police claimed the man was going for his gun when they shot him

  • Locals but claimed the former army veteran was trying to take out his ID card

  • The army veteran had fought the ISIS in 2017 in Marawi


According to local news sources, the shooting incident took place on April 21 in Quezon City. The shooting victim has been identified as a 34-year-old army veteran named Winston Ragos.

The widely shared video shows a policeman talking to Ragos.

police shooting

"What's your problem with me?" Ragos is heard asking in the video before he is seen trying to take something out of his bag. The cops then fire two shots at him, while Ragos throws away his bag.

A woman in the background is heard screaming that they at least should have searched him first, before shooting him dead. The police are then heard calling for an ambulance to take the shooting victim to the hospital.

A CCTV footage of the incident filmed from a different angle shows five cops were surrounding Ragos before he was shot dead by Police Master Sergeant Daniel Florendo, GMA News reported.

As per the police report published by CNN Philippines at about 2:30 pm of April 21, five police officers were manning the checkpoint at Maligaya Drive in Brgy. Pasong Putik when they were confronted by Ragos, who kept shouting and intimidating them.

The police officers in the report said that Ragos was carrying .38 caliber handgun and when he tried to pull it out, they were forced to shoot him dead.

However, in CCTV footage, the local residents can be heard requesting not to shot him as he was not in his right mind at which the cops asked to mind their own business and said: "We have to shoot him dead."

The locals claimed that he was trying to take out his ID card to show he was a retired army veteran. The victim's mother told the local news channel that her son had PTSD after fighting in the ISIS in Marawi in 2017 after which he retired.

She said that he had mental issues due to PTSD but he was not carrying any gun when he was shot dead by the police.

This is the third shooting incident, in which police killed a civilian for breaking the coronavirus lockdown order imposed by President Rodrigo Duterte. In both the case, the police claimed that the victim had tried to attack and so they were forced to shoot them dead.

Police only following orders!

Earlier this month, President Duterte took to the airwaves after a public protest over lockdown in which he warned that the police will not hesitate to kill those who broke the

"I will not hesitate. My orders are to the police and military, as well as village officials, if there is any trouble, or occasions where there's violence and your lives are in danger, shoot them dead," he said in a mix of Filipino and English in the televised address.

"Do not intimidate the government. Do not challenge the government. You will lose."