Video Shows Chicago Police Officers Punching 17-Year-Old; Oak Lawn Teen Suffers Nose and Head Injuries

A video showing Oak Lawn police officers punching a 17-year-old in the head and legs has gone viral on social media thereby evoking a sharp retort from the followers.

Aafter watching the video more than 100 protestors gathered outside the Oak Lawn police station in Chicago and raised slogans against the cops. A large number of armed cops had to be deployed to control the enraged protestors.

The video shows two cops repeatedly punching the teen on his head and legs. This resulted in bleeding from his fractured nose, head and he had to be rushed to the hospital.

Oak Lawn Cops Tackling a Teen Boy

Social Media Followers Demand Action Against Cops

The chief at Oak Lawn police station, Daniel Vittorio, justified the action of his officers adding that the boy was not listening to the verbal commands so they had no option but to use force.

However, the statement has further added fuel to the fury. A faction of social media followers has termed the act as "Monstrous", "Merciless" adding that using force doesn't mean "punching". The cops on duty could have pinned him to the ground and handcuffed him instead of subjecting him to physical bashing, added the followers.

A report published by Chicago Tribune stated that according to the police statement the altercation took place near 95th Street and McVicker Avenue. "The subject refused to listen to verbal commands which resulted in a physical confrontation with two officers," the police statement said. The responding officers also stated that they feared the teen had a firearm in an "accessory bag" draped over his right shoulder, added the report.

Expressing his anger, a Twitter user stated, "The ACTIONS of these arresting Officers are UNACCEPTABLE, DEPLORABLE & BRUTAL. JUSTICE & ACCOUNTABILITY shall prevail! Now Oak Lawn police are DENYING their brutal attack."

"Protest in Oak Lawn in support of justice for Hadi, a 17-year-old Palestinian boy beaten by Oak Lawn police yesterday. Hadi is currently in the hospital suffering from internal bleeding and severe injuries." Wrote another user.