7-Year-Old Russian Boy Blamed After Chess Playing Robot Breaks His Finger During Match (WATCH)

A chess-playing robot has broken the finger of a seven-year-old boy in Russia. The robot caught the boy's finger when he rushed to move a piece before it was time to do so. The incident took place during a tournament in Moscow on Thursday.

Later the boy wore a cast and finished the tournament but his parents are now considering pressing charges.

Chess playing robot breaks boy’s finger
Chess playing robot breaks boy’s finger Twitter

Boy Needed To Give Time To Robot

Sergey Lazarev, head of the Moscow Chess Federation, stated that the boy made a move, but needed to give the robot time to respond. However, he rushed and the robot caught him.

The incident happened during the Moscow Chess Open tournament.

Boy Violated Safety Protocol

Another official has claimed that the incident happened because the boy violated safety protocol. It's also being said that it was the robot's turn to play but the boy tried to make the move.

According to Lazarev's deputy, Sergey Smagin, the aspiring chess master "apparently violated" the safety protocols and tried to make a move while it was the robot's turn to play. This robot has been playing for a long time, about 15 years. This is an extremely rare case, the first in my memory," said Smagin, according to RT News.

The boy's injuries were not serious, according to the official, who also claimed that the boy attended the awards ceremony and even signed the documents with a cast on his finger.

The boy's parents are now in plans to approach the prosecutor's office in Moscow. But reports say that the chess federation will try to address the complaints of parents and help them in any way it can.

Lazarev has expressed disappointment over the incident stating that "the robot broke the boy's finger, which is obviously a bad thing."

The official also underlined that the chess federation rents the robot from its operators, it doesn't own the robot.

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