Video shows aircraft in the middle of snow after skidding off the runway

The authorities said that it was because of faulty gears

Authorities said that a faulty landing gear caused the Airbus flight A319 of Iran Air to skid off the runway. The flight carrying 102 passengers and eight crew members left Tehran's Mehrabad Airport earlier on Saturday and ran out of the runway while landing in Kermanshah later on in the day.

There were no casualties and local media footage captured shows that the passengers were leaving the flight through the stairway, confirming that there were no injuries. The flight didn't seem to have any exterior damages according to the footages that are circulating.

Icy runways or faulty landing gears?


The video footages show that the flight had landed in the middle of the snow. The whole region was covered in white masses as the passengers exited the plane. Although some of the authorities said that the reason was faulty gears, the governor of Kermanshah told the media that one of the wheels slipped during the landing. He said that the incident was caused by the snow and the faulty gear.

There has been a series of incidents related to the flight in the past few days. Earlier this week, a similar incident occurred in Mahshahrm. The Caspian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 also skidded in the runway and landed belly down in the middle of the highway. Out of the 136 in the flight, several of the people suffered minor injuries.

But no one was seriously injured or died during this incident. Similarly a day before the Caspian incident, the Tehran-bound passenger plane of Qeshm Air had to make an emergency landing in Gorgan Airport in northern Iran after one of the engines reportedly caught fire. The passengers were evacuated and there were no reports of injuries.