[Video] London Bridge attack: Moment 'terrorist' on bail, who killed two, was shot dead by UK police

Two vicitims have died and three injured victims have been hospitalized

A knifeman wearing a fake suicide vest was shot dead by police after he stabbed and injured several in central London. For the public, the incident once again brought back memories of June 3, 2017 terror attacks carried out by three radical Muslim men inspired by the ISIS terrorist group.

The attacker was on bail

The UK police have declared the London Bridge stabbings as terror-related. As per the latest updates, the attacker was known to the police and was on bail after serving an eight-year prison term over a foiled terror plot.

Security forces are keeping a close-watch following the incident and according to MI5, the threat-level is currently substantial, which means an attack is likely. Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu told the press that the suspect died on the scene. Two knife attack victims reportedly have died and three have been injured in the stabbing spree.

UK PM Boris Johnson praised the emergency services

UK PM Boris Johnson in a statement praised the emergency services. "I want to thank the emergency services and members of the public for their immense bravery in responding to this suspected terrorist attack at London Bridge," Johnson said.

"This is an appalling incident and all my thoughts are with the victims and their families," added Johnson.

A video of the incident shows four members of the public bravely tackling the armed man. A man in a grey coat, who snatched the knife away from the terror suspect, is being dubbed a hero by the public on the Internet.

The video shows at least four men throwing themselves on the knife-wielding man, who reportedly was wearing a fake suicide vest before armed policemen arrived on the scene.

Police officers fired two shots

The police officers can be heard ordering the terror suspect to surrender. They fired two shots and killed the suspect. Traffic and commuter movement came to a standstill following the attack. The London Bridge was shut down, and all trains to the routes were cancelled.

"An on-going police incident at London Bridge means NO trains or London Underground trains are stopping at the station. Trains will run through, but will not stop to release the doors. For your safety, please do not operate the alarms and try to alight the trains at London Bridge," National Rail Link announced on its website.

This is the second attack on the London Bridge. Friday's attack came two-and-a-half-year after, three radical Islamist men inspired by ISIS, rammed vehicles in a crowd and went on a stabbing spree on London Bridge. The terrorists were later gunned by the London police officers, who found suspects wearing fake suicide vests.

This article was first published on November 30, 2019