Video: Korean Streamer EugBak Sexually Harasses Female Streamer on Live Show, Refuses to Apologize

Korean streamer EugBak spoke to a female streamer in sexual overtone during live mukbang broadcast. Here is what happened!

Korean streamer EugBak is being criticized after he spoke in sexual overtone to a female streamer during a live broadcast. It was a mukbang show and he had invited female streamer Oh Sangkeum to the show. He left viewers and the co-streamer in anger after he asked her to sleep with him.

EugBak has 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube and he shocked the audience when he asked Sangkeum if she is okay with spending a night with him for $3,600 [4,000,000 KRW]. The female streamer got angry but tried to manage the situation by laughing it out as a joke, but when he started asking her repeatedly, she got furious and left the show.

Korean streamer EugBak allegedly spoke in sexual overtone to his fellow streamer during a live broadcast. Youtube Screengrab

Refusal to Acknowledge Mistake

What is more shocking is that after receiving backlash, he went live again on April 10 and refused to apologize. He was seen telling in the video that it was not sexual harassment. He asked the audience, "You're asking the King of nature, EugBak, to reflect for life? Sexual harassment? Such bullsh*t."

He even admitted on the show that he was drawn to Sangkeum as he found her pretty. He said that those words came out as he was lonely and interested in her. When audience started asking him repeatedly why he made such an offer, he said that he wanted to be with her as he found her attractive. But he continued to say that asking to sleep with him was not same as asking her to have sex.

Towards the end of the live show he said that he would not stop his activities online and claimed that he did not commit any mistake. However, the live video is not available on his channel.

What Happened at The Live Broadcast?

During the mukbang live broadcast, EugBak and Sangkeum were seen having food along with drinks. After talking for a while, EugBak asked Sangkeum if she would spend a night if he paid her 4,000,000 KRW. Shocked Sangkeum did not react to the same, but EugBak repeated the question. Annoyed, she tried to brush it off by asking him if he was drunk.

Even after that EugBak started pestering her to send her manager back and to stay back. He said that they should take things a step further. But towards the end of the show he could not take it anymore. She wore her mask and was getting ready to leave when he coaxed her to take her seat. He told that he wanted to explain why he did so.

But instead of apologizing, he started asking her again to send her manager back. At this point she got furious and put on her jacket to leave. Showing no regret for his actions, EugBak was seen lighting a cigarette.

Koreaboo reported that $3,600 was the payment he had offered Sangkeum to appear on his live broadcast. Audience have expressed their disappointment and anger against EugBak as he has refused to acknowledge his mistake.