VIDEO: Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun to patch up in upcoming episodes of Suspicious Partner

In a behind-the-scenes video released by SBS, we can see the cute couple having a gala time practising Aegyo to each other.

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The last night's episode of Suspicious Partner broke the hearts of million of fans, quite literally. Yesterday, there was a shocking twist when Nam Ji Hyun said, "Let's break up," to Ji Chang Wook after a picnic date. The plot intensified when Wook learnt that Ji Hyun's father is the reason behind the death of his parents. Despite the bitter truth, Wook wanted to continue the relationship with Hyun but things seem to have taken a U-turn.

However, fans need not worry about the break. In a behind-the-scenes video released by SBS, we can see the couple having a gala time practicing Aegyo to each other—which means there is more romance in store.

Check out the video here:

In this rom-com, Wook plays No Jin Wook, a no-nonsense, clever, and merciless prosecutor with top-claws win rates. While working on a mysterious case, Wook falls for a newbie lawyer Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun). Wook has two things to deal with—a traumatic past involving his childhood and first love, and an amnesic killer.

Suspicious Partner is a 16-episode drama and will conclude in June. Meanwhile, this is the first time Wook is trying his hands on rom-com. The actor, who is known for his action roles, has worked hard to play the role to perfection.

Ji Chang Wook has already announced that he would be taking up the mandatory military enlistment soon. The actor revealed the news on SBS Power FM's Cultwo Show. When the anchor of the show quipped, "There are a lot of people waiting for your next musical. Do you have any plans?" the actor replied, "I will enter the army after the drama (Suspicious Partner) wraps up. I will continue performing again later." Before his enlistment, Wook—who has also completed 10 years in the industry—will also hold a special farewell concert for his fans.

This article was first published on June 29, 2017