Video: DJ DOC's Lee Ha Neul Accuses Kim Chang Ryul of Causing his Brother Lee Hyun Bae's Death

45RPM's Lee Hyun Bae wrote lyrics to DJ DOC. Here is why victim's brother DJ DOC's Lee Ha Neul made accusations against teammate Kim Chang Ryul

DJ DOC's Lee Ha Neul made a controversial comment on Instagram accusing Kim Chang Ryul of being the cause of his brother, 45RPM Lee Hyun Bae's death. "He died because of you, you bastard," Ha Neul's post read. But soon he deleted the comment but continued to make allegation in a live video.

Lee Hyun Bae had passed away on April 17 after allegedly suffering from a heart attack. Hyun Bae was 48 years old and was living in Jeju Island. Shocked Ha Neul along with his teammate Jung Jae Yong rushed to Jeju Island. An autopsy will be conducted on April 19.

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DJ DOC member Lee Ha Neul [L] accused teammate Kim Chang Ryul [C] of causing the death of his brother 45RPM's Lee Hyun Bae [R]. Instagram

Controversial Comment

Ha Neul lost his cool when he saw DJ DOC member Kim Chang Ryul's Instagram post on Hyun Bae, expressing his condolences. Ha Neul replied to the post with comment, "You're the center in even this. He died because of you, you bastard." This comment was deleted within minutes. To mend the damage, there were comments stating that members of DJ DOC did not have any rift and that Ha Neul's comment was a result of the shock. Comments also implied that Ha Neul was just venting out to his close friend.

But this was not true as Hyun Bae streamed a live video and again accused Kim Chang Ryul of causing his brother's death. In the video Ha Neul said that Kim Chang Ryul took care of income related issues of DJ DOC and had failed to pay his brother Hyun Bae.

"Kim Chang Ryul takes care of all the income related to DJ DOC. But he never gave any division of profits to Lee Hyun Bae, even though he wrote the lyrics to all our songs. And now that he's passed away after being worked to his death, he's pretending to be his friend. Isn't that what fu*kers do?" he questioned in the video.

Ha Neul also said that he had kept this anger and frustration inside for 20 years just for the sake of DJ DOC. He further accused Kim Chang Ryul of not working on the DJ DOC albums. "He'd just come after the release, get drunk, and cheat on his wife," said Ha Neul.

Ha Neul also revealed that DJ DOC members had signed for a business together along with Lee Hyun Bae in Jeju Island. But Kim Chang Ryul decided to pull out, making Hyun Bae end up in debts. Ha Neul said that 45RPM member Hyun Bae was forced to take up menial jobs. He is said to have worked as a delivery man. He had even met with an accident while on duty but could not get treatment as he did not have enough money. Ha Neul said that his family had kept it a secret from him on the request of Hyun Bae who did not want his brother to worry.

Kim Chang Ryul has not reacted to Ha Neul's allegations against him. DJ DOC is also yet to make a statement in this regard.

Lee Hyun Bae had debuted through 45RPM in 2005. He initially joined YG Entertainment but had quit the agency to join his brother Lee Ha Neul's agency Buda Sound. He was also a part of Super Jam Records.

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