Vicky White Shoots Herself and Dies; Alabama Jail Break Ends in Sex-Driven Drama and Dramatic Car Chase

The dramatic love story of Alabama corrections officer Vicky White and her murder suspect lover Casey White came to a tragic end on Monday after the former shot herself while leading the US Marshals in a car chase in Indiana.

Vicky and Casey were on the run for the last 11 days and traveled north from Florence, Alabama, up to Evansville, Indiana. A US Marshals Fugitive Task Force found them in a motel, 219 miles away from the Alabama prison from where they tried to escape in a car.

While being chased by the cops, Vicky, who was driving, shot herself in the head. It was 10 years in jail for helping Casey that compelled Vicky to end her life.

Casey Cole White and Vicki White

Was This a Sex-Driven Drama?

In report published by Fox News, Vicky and Casey abandoned cars while travelling in Tennessee and Indiana. However, a car wash owner seeing Casey White on May 3. The Ford F-150 pickup which the couple used for a few days was replaced by gray Cadillac which Vicky was driving on Monday when she shot herself.

Vicky was taken to the hospital where she scummed to her injuries at CT Deaconess Hospital and her autopsy has been scheduled for Tuesday.

At the same time, the social media followers have once again come up with mixed reactions on the developments in the case.

Reacting to the details shared by the cops about Vicky buying clothes, guns and visiting an adult store to pick up some stuff, some of the followers have even labelled Vicky as a "sex maniac". They also stated that the fact that the couple remained holed up in a motel for six days points towards their purely carnal relationship.

Some followers strongly believe that Casey exploited Vicky's physical desire for him and convinced her to help him escape from the prison.

Another faction of social media followers believe that Vicky was "brainwashed" by Casey who wanted to get himself killed as he did not want to spend rest of his life in prison.

According to a report published by Daily Mail, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton had stated that Casey White wanted to die when he was arrested in 2015. He could try to shoot at the cops so as to get shot in response, shared Singleton.

Expressing her views, a twitter user wrote, "Missing Alabama inmate Casey White and former corrections officer Vicki White in custody in Indiana after chase. MS. WHITE I KNOW OF A FEW MALE STRIPPERS WHO WOULD HAVE SHOWED YOU A REALLY GOOD TIME FOR $90,000! ALSO YOU COULD HAVE KEPT YOUR HEAD!!"

Another twitter user shared, "You're telling me Casey and Vicki white had 11 days and only made it to Indiana? Like was the plan nonexistent after the escape? I drove from Florida to Missouri in 1 night. How tf were they still so close to Alabama? Something's fishy."

"Did Vicki White and Casey White consummate their relationship before he escaped? Miss Vicki went to the sex shop before she broke Criminal Casey out of jail! After two years of built-up sexual you really need sex toys?! #Sad (Lingerie can be found many places.)" read a tweet.