Vexed, stranded and quarantined passengers of Diamond Princess walk to freedom finally in Japan

Passengers leaving the quarantined ship post videos and pictures while leaving the Diamond Princess on Wednesday

Passengers have started to disembark the quarantined ship of Diamond Princess in Yokohoma port, Japan, on Wednesday. According to reports around 500 people will be leaving the ship on Wednesday and as the results of the tests come in more people will be leaving the ship.

Out of the 3700 passengers around 540 were infected by the new coronavirus. This has been seen as the biggest concentration of the infection outside mainland China. Several countries have flown in their citizens following the lifting of the restrictions.

It is reported that only passengers who are tested negative for the Covid-19 will be allowed to leave the ship. Japanese officials said that people who were tested negative but were in the cabins with the people who were tested positive for the virus will have to stay for additional quarantine.

Those who are tested positive for the Covid-19 will stay anyway in Japan for treatment. Japan has faced continuous backlash over the quarantine of the people on the ship.

Diamond Princess
Diamond Princess Wikimedia Commons

Video over the excitement of leaving the ship

Several videos are making the rounds on the internet showing the passengers leaving the ship. Passengers shared their excitement over leaving the ship on the internet. People have been sending supportive messages to the crew and passengers onboard the Princess Diamond.

The cruise liner owned by Carnival Corp has been working non-stop to support the passengers as the quarantine was placed. Video released by the liner showed an affectionate message to the passengers asking them to 'hang in there' during the difficult times.

After being quarantined for 15 days, those released were vividly seen rejoicing to leave the ship. The US and Australia are sending charter flights to bring home their citizens. The US has already flown home around 300 passengers from the cruise liner breaking the quarantine. The British nationals have been pressing the authorities to arrange for their return.

Cruise liners all around the world reported a drop in sales since the Carnival Corp ship was quarantined. There are netizens who support the decision by the Japanese officials saying that there is a need to approach the situation cautiously because this is a situation where there could be a repetition.

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