Veteran Journalist Andrea Mitchell Nearly Gets Assaulted by Protestor in Lingerie Within 'Autonomous Zone'

Top NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell came close to being physically attacked by a strange demonstrator in 'CHAZ' area of DC.

A lot of people in United States of America are worried by the mushrooming of 'Autonomous Zones' in some of the major cities. These zones are areas where the protestors have declared the rule of their own laws and a ban on the entry of government officials.

It all started with the 'Capital Hill Autonomous Zone' (CHAZ) that was 'established' in Seattle. Taking their inspiration from this, some other protestors started setting up similar zones in other cities. One of them, the 'Black House Autonomous Zone' (BHAZ) has come up in Washington D.C.

On Tuesday, an unsavoury incident took place in BHAZ involving veteran journalist and NBC's top Correspondent Andrea Mitchell. As she was standing in the middle of the road with Democratic Party's House of Representatives delegate from D.C. Eleanor Holmes Norton, preparing for an interview, a person, most likely a man, wearing pink bra and panties, ran with apparent malice towards the two ladies.

The incident involving Andrea Mitchell

Luckily for them, the security staff with Mitchell intercepted the person and took him away. The two women seemed surprised and a little shaken with the whole incident and one of them, possibly Mitchell, was heard saying "Where's the police?"


This video rapidly spread on Twitter and elicited various responses from different sections of the society. Conservatives seemed to feel vindicated by the whole incident as they have been most vehement in decrying the behaviour of radical protestors during the last few weeks.

A picture from Black House Autonomous Zone Twitter

What was especially pointed out by many right-wingers was the reaction "Where's the police?" that came from one of the two ladies. Considering that some of the protestors have been demanding a disbanding of the police, it was seen as hypocritical for the ladies, both regarded as liberals and therefore more sympathetic to the protests, to immediately seek the intervention of cops.

Fox News Host Sean Hannity shared the video of the incident on his Facebook page while many others also commented on it. Katrina Pearson, one of the top advisors for the Trump campaign attacked Norton on Twitter. "Someone should remind her that her party wants to abolish the police and give her the name of a good social worker," she wrote on Twitter.

Not much has been revealed about the attacker and the reason why he decided to try and assault either a Democratic Party politician or a leading voice of the premier left-leaning News channel. But it is clear that he is not likely to be a sensible person.

This article was first published on June 24, 2020