Venezuelan residents horrified after seeing dark black water coming from taps

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representational picture Edgar Su/Reuters

The chaotic situation which is prevailing in Venezuela recently moved one step ahead after residents in San Diego and Carabobo complained of dark black water coming out from their taps. Several people posted images of polluted water coming out of their taps and alleged that their supply has been contaminated with oil.

The incident apparently happened during the one-week long power outage which happened in Venezuela. As per reports from several International media outlets, the city has been struggling with water problems for the past few weeks, especially after the mass power outage which left many areas in a complete black-out situation. The power outage in Venezuela apparently happened after the main power grid in the country broke down.

However, when the water supply was restored on Wednesday, many people could not drink water, as oil was flowing from their taps.

"The situation for lack of water in San Diego is terrible. There are sectors that have been for more than two months without the service, like other areas of Valencia and Los Coolos. This morning the water that arrived in San Diego was awful. Nothing suitable for consumption" said journalist Heberlizeth González, the sun reports.

It should be noted that Venezuela has the biggest crude oil reserves in the world. But the country often fails to reap the profits out of it. Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro had several times alleged that he has failed to mismanage the supply of oil.

In the meantime, Jorge Rodriguez, the information minister of Venezuela, on Wednesday confirmed that electricity in the country has been completely restored. The minister also added that 80 percent of the people in the country now have drinking water. However, a recent report published by CNN revealed that the power has been restored in some parts of the country, but not everywhere.